Top Five Things I'm Excited for My Trip to Japan

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Japan is such a culturally rich country where the old meets collides with the new to make beautiful and outstanding creations. Japan's culture is so engrained in their society, it's practically apart of everything! From the food, fashion, architecture, and maybe even their TV! Which is why I find Japan a place where everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

As you probably know, I was invited by People to People to travel with them to Japan in the summer of 2015. And while we're in Japan, we'll be going on a number of amazing adventures! So here are my top five reasons for why I'm excited to visit Japan.

1.  Food

Aren't these adorable?!

Of course food had to come first, I mean come on, it's FOOD. Besides, have you seen Japanese food? Everything looks so cute, it almost makes you not want to eat it... almost, ramen is too delicious to resist. Plus, I've already made it a point to buy all the Japanese sweets I possibly can (I'm coming for you mochi)! And on the trip, we'll even be able to learn the traditional Japanese tea ceremony! I am absolutely in love with tea, so this is a definite bonus for me.

2. Hot springs

This one is pretty self-explainatory. Whenever the characters in a manga/anime go to a hot spring, (which happens in almost every one out there) I can't help but to become inexplicably jealous. Relaxing in a nice warm pond of water, wearing what looks to be like the most comfortable clothes on the planet, and having what seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong), room service that comes with your stay, no extra charge, already seems like the best vacation on Earth.

3. Anime/Manga

Obviously, this is something Japan is known for and it may be a bit mainstream, but it's that way for a reason don't you think? I've already got a list of manga that I plan to stock up on, even though I'm already up to date on all my favorites and I can read it for free, there's just something about actually owning it. I don't know, I just love to see new books on my bookshelf and that they're full, especially when they're mostly made up of my favorites. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Is that weird? Hopefully I'm not the only one.

Anyways, back to anime, I was so ecstatic when I found out that I would be making my own anime! Who knows, maybe It'll be the next Naruto.

4. Homestay

On my visit to Japan, I'll be staying with a Japanese family for a few days. I love learning about other cultures and I feel like this will be the perfect opportunity to do that! During this homestay, I'll also be attending a Japanes school, which would probably sound awful to most considering it's about 18 hours of school (from 6 AM - 11 PM), but I've come to believe that after reading and watching quite a few animes/mangas, they've somehow convinced me that going to school in Japan is awesome! Call me a nerd if you'd like, but I think having nap time in high school is pretty darn awesome don't you agree? Now if only we could get America to have classes on napping too.

Going to a school in Japan will also offer me a chance to meet kids from there my own age (and hopefully become friends with them), which I think will give me even more cultural insight.

5. Fashion

The last, but not least thing I'm most excited for is the unique fashion styles in Japan. Yet, this one should really be fashion/shopping and throw festivals in there too since I've secretly always wanted to try on a kimono.

Like America, there are tons and tons of different fashion prefences in Japan. Although some of them (like ganguro) may seem a little on the strange side in America, they're pretty normal to see on the streets of Japan. I personally find these "weird" tastes in fashion are quirky and fun, and love dressing up in these street styles. I can't wait to go shopping in Tokyo for some fresh new clothes and for Japan's skin care products. I've seen beauty guru's makeup/skin care hauls from Japan (and Korea), and let me tell you, not only are they cute, but they seem to work miracles!

It was a hard choice between these and the numerous other things I love and can't wait to see in Japan, but these are my top five! If you're going to Japan anytime soon, what are you most excited for? And if you've already been, what did you love most?
     ~ Zoe                                                                      


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