Nerdy Obsessions: Kdramas!

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have that nerdy side of us, from getting the highest grades to reading all the time (guilty). That part of us may be a tiny bit embarrasing at times, yet I say embrace your nerdom! After all, the nerds are the ones who end up being billionaires, am I right?
So in this series of mine, we're talking all about our nerdy obsessions! Even things that aren't usually deemed "nerdy" but we obsess over them so much to the point it is nerdy! These posts are a way for us nerds to embrace out nerdiness!
For this first post, we're calling all Kdrama fans!
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Tea Time with A to Z: Sister Tag

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Hi guys! This Saturday, my sister -Ajah from aw designed - and I decided to try out a new series called Tea time with A and Z. Here, we'll talk about things that are happening in our lives, pop culture, and our current obsessions.

To start off this series, we wanted to to do the sister tag because well, we're sisters and we thought it would be a lot of fun. Plus, what's better to begin with than letting our readers get to know us a little bit?

We apologize that this is only an audio recording and not a video. Sadly, we've been having some camera problems so it wasn't really possible to do that. Yet, I promise that there will be videos in the future!



Sunday Wish list

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Sunday Wish list

Every Sunday I share what's currently on my wish list, and this week it's all about makeup, fashion, and books!

I adore the famous 90s fashion trend known as grunge, from dark lips, band tees, and ripped jeans I'm all for it. Which is why chokers and Dr. Martins have made it on to this week's Sunday Wish list. I've always loved boots, and Dr. Martins are comfy and versatile so what's not to love? And chokers provide an edge to your look that I love!

Next on my list comes baby lips and lipstick. I have an unexplainable obsession with lipstick, especially red and black lipstick, for me you can never have too much, which is why it's on my list. Yet, it has a tendency to get on my nerves. It's a personal pet peeve of mine to always have lipstick stain my cups, straws, and even my food! I hate how when I take a bite of my sandwich there might be some lipstick on it, and then I can taste it when I take a second bite! And after going through all of that I have to reapply it! It just annoys me to no end, so that's why I usually go for tinted lip balm like baby lips. Honestly, I've never had baby lips and everyone seems to have it, so I decided that I'm going to go ahead and finally try this out for myself.

Finally, the last item that I desperately want is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I've heard so many good things about these books, and I was so happy when my friend had an extra copy of the 3rd book of this series (if you can really call it that) that I made it a point to go and buy Anna and the French Kiss the next time I go to B & N. The reason why is that I hate reading things out of order, even if you can't officially call it a series. A lot of times the author will make references to the previous novels, which drives me insane, so I just start from the beginning. 

The thing is though, that I don't know when I'll be going to B & N next. Yet, knowing me and my addiction to books, it won't be long.
Anyways, let me now what's on your wish list in the comments below!
Au revoir,

My Reading List: January 2015

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Firts off, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Wow I haven't talked to you guys since last year! It's been so long, but I hope 2015 has treated you well so far! I certainly had a great time with my friends last night watching the ball drop and of course, One Direction sing like 50 times, but hey, I'm not complaining. What did you do to celebrate the coming of 2015?

I'm a hardcore, bonafied bookworm. I LOVE reading, so much that my mother used to have to (and sometimes still does) tell me to put the put the book down. So to kick off the new year of reading, I'm telling you my 2015 reading challenges and TBR (to be read) list for January.
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