Nerdy Obsessions: Kdramas!

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have that nerdy side of us, from getting the highest grades to reading all the time (guilty). That part of us may be a tiny bit embarrasing at times, yet I say embrace your nerdom! After all, the nerds are the ones who end up being billionaires, am I right?
So in this series of mine, we're talking all about our nerdy obsessions! Even things that aren't usually deemed "nerdy" but we obsess over them so much to the point it is nerdy! These posts are a way for us nerds to embrace out nerdiness!
For this first post, we're calling all Kdrama fans!

First off, this isn't just about Kdramas, it's about the other K too, otherwise known as Kpop. It's just that Kdramas and Kpop wouldn't fit on my cute little picture, so I had to exclude the latter, so really, we're calling all fans of Kdramas and Kpop. Just thought I should make that clear.
Now, not too brag but, I liked Kpop and Kdramas before it was cool... as my fellow hipster would say. I still remember the first time I listened to Big Bang or watched Big, my first Kdrama. Those two things, changed everything and opened my eyes to a whole new world! Sort of how you go into that cute little store that just so happens to have the only pair of jeans that will fit you perfectly, no loose waist or anything,, but that's an entirely different conversation. Right now we must focus on the extremely important topic of G-Dragon.
I imagine Kpop being like the 90s music in the West, you know Nsync, Backstreet Boys,  the Spice Girls, etc. Though I'm not saying that's a bad thing, obviously if  I thought it was a bad thing, I wouldn't be obsessed with it. I'm just saying that with all the dancing and the style of music, it reminds me of the 90s.
Their videos are so much fun to watch, at least from my perspective. The dances they do are pretty to cool to look at and the video itself  and the music just gives at peppy and fun feel to it. Even when it's a sad song, it's still fun to watch though, like Blue by Big Bang.
Before I leave the subject of Kpop and go onto Kdramas, I'd just like to say that if you try any of their dances BE WARNED. Don't get me wrong, I love doing their dances, but a lot of them (most of them) are pretty difficult and may leave you in a state of exhaustion. I've tried a few of them and not only did they take me forever to master (I still don't think I've gotten them down perfectly) but I thought I might pass out by the end. Yet, that's just me and really, their fantastic workouts! You should try them! :)
Here's some Kpop to hopefully get you to join the bandwagon if you're not already apart of it.
Moving on to Kdramas, there's really nothing for me to say other than that they're addicting, one minute you're watching Coffee Prince the next minute you're sucked into the Heirs and there's no way to escape.
I for one have just finished Pinocchio in a matter of 2 days and it was AMAZING. That's also an all time record for me, but Ha Myung is just so captivating!

I mean look at that face! How could you not want to stare at it all day?

Okay. okay. Enough with the fangirling, but I highly suggest you give Pinocchio a chance it's possibly my new favorite drama of all time. Yet, some of my other top favs include High School - Love On,  The Heirs, and Boarding House No. 24.

If you like Kpop and Kdramas, what are your favorite bans and TV Shows? I'd love to talk about the with you guys! If you haven't jumped on this bandwagon yet, get on it!.. Please?



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  1. Ah! I stumbled upon your blog by accident and got sucked in by this post :) Anyone who declares their love for k-anything is <3. I love Kpop but have to admit I struggle with Kdramas, they either fall flat, or suck you in. hard. and you can't break free from it until the series is over :P