My Etsy Shop and Dear Santa

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Recently, I've created an Etsy store with my sister to help fundraise for my trip to Japan.

While we make and sell other things at Miaoxie, we mainly focus on what I like to call Lyric Art, which is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. Based on our own interpretations, we choose lyrics from songs and transform that art into our own art, hence the name Miaoxie which means depiction in Chinese.

  Visit Miaoxie here

As I was creating Miaoxie, I decided to list the Dear Santa letters I'm also selling to raise money, an idea that I actually got from People to People and one that you might decide to do as well.

With Christmas approaching fast, children are sure to be writing their letters to Santa. Therefore, a great way to raise funds for your cause is to respond to these letters as Santa for a small fee (I chose $5 per letter). Simple as that! Advertise these letters to your community, family, neighbors, and friends!

Here's an example of one of my letters:

~ Zoe


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